Rosemarie Loffredo

National Board Member

Elected to the Learning Ally Board of Directors in 2020, Rosemarie brings her skills and experience as an executive in commercial and not-for-profit enterprises, as well as those as a Board of Director member of mission-driven, not-for-profit organizations. Her goals as a volunteer are consistent with those of Learning Ally: to develop skills, confidence and capabilities of every child so each can participate productively and happily in their communities, large and small.

Therese was born and raised in Northern California and studied Kinesiology at UCLA graduating with a Bachelors of Science in 1985. After college, Therese traveled to Europe and soon started working for Sony Corporation as an English teacher in two SONY factories in Central Japan. In this role, she provided classroom instruction and cultural counseling to prepare Sony staff assuming positions in the U.S. and Europe. After two years with SONY, Therese was hired by Yagami Sei Saku Sho to expand operations in the United State and established Shinwa Medical. The purpose was to bring the latest US technology in Cardiac and Orthopedic rehabilitation through exclusive distribution rights and licensing agreements to the Japanese medical market. Therese was responsible for securing the distribution rights and organizing and directing sales training for the entire Shinwa product line as well as working to acquire federal funding for development efforts. After four years with Shinwa and living between Nagoya, Japan and San Francisco, she returned to the US to live full time in San Francisco and work as global sales manager for Geologistic, a global logistic/ supply chain management corporation. 

Professionally, Rosemarie held institutional client-advisory and management roles at The Bankers Trust Company and at the First National Bank of Chicago. At CA Technologies she served as part of leadership allowing the company to emerge from deferred prosecution status; as Treasurer of International Paper Company she retooled and strengthened its capital structure after a period of multiple acquisitions; and as International Treasurer for MBNA she secured global funding during its rapid international expansion, while working with non-U.S. central banks to change bank capital requirements for asset-backed securities holdings.

Fulfilling an early personal goal, Rosemarie then brought her skills to the not-for-profit segments. She inaugurated the role of Vice President, Finance and Treasurer at New York University to develop and execute its global network university finance strategy. She was recruited as the Chief Administrative & Financial Officer of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and led its financial turnaround. She ensured the ambitious financial goals within its new long-range strategic plan by improving the financial and capital model and talent structure; establishing and leading risk management, legal and governance functions, introducing a matrix revenue model and outsourcing IT development.

Rosemarie has served on several not-for-profit boards including Centerlight Health Systems, The Pearl Theater Company, and The Feminist Press of the City University of New York. In addition to Learning Ally, she currently is on the Development Committee of Big Picture Learning and is a member of her parish council. She has been a volunteer at Memorial (Sloan Kettering) Hospital.

Rosemarie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in foreign service from Georgetown University, a master of arts degree in economics from Boston College, and a master of business administration in finance and international business from Columbia University.