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Now more than ever, people with learning and visual disabilities are flourishing in the classroom, launching productive careers and becoming assets in their communities. This blog spotlights remarkable individuals who demonstrate that having a visual or print disability is no barrier to educational success.

"Reading Is How You Mature"
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January 20, 2011 by Doug Sprei (LAE)

Providing accessible content for students not only helps them succeed in school, it equips them to flourish years later ... Read More about "Reading Is How You Mature"

20/20 Vision in the Morning; Legally Blind in the Afternoon
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January 9, 2011 by Diane Kelber (LAE)

Nineteen-year old Shannah Linker can’t focus her eyes to read for longer than five minutes. After that, she can’t ... Read More about 20/20 Vision in the Morning; Legally Blind in the Afternoon

A New Take on Reading the Label
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January 6, 2011 by Doug Sprei (LAE)

What's inside that package? A new go-to site for blind and visually impaired consumers gives them accessible insights before ... Read More about A New Take on Reading the Label

Moving Beyond Survival
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November 9, 2010 by Doug Sprei (LAE)

Since a rocket attack in Iraq blinded and nearly killed him in 2008,Sgt. Joel Tavera has endured an endless regimen of ... Read More about Moving Beyond Survival

Follow the Dancing Dots
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October 19, 2010 by Doug Sprei (LAE)

"I work to make certain that who I am dictates what I do and never vice versa."So says Bill McCann, ... Read More about Follow the Dancing Dots

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