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Happy with the way my brain works...

Categories: Learning Disabilities

We first covered Molly Reno's story in this blog piece from 2010. Now she has a new book in development: "Crooked and Confused."  A passage from the first page of the first chapter: "I freaking love being dyslexic. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. The way my brain works makes me happy, because I like being different from other people. There are advantages to being an out-of-the-box thinker, even if I can’t spell!" MollyRenoPic-1 More from the opening chapter of Molly's book: "Dyslexia has plagued me most of my life. I can’t even spell dyslexia correctly ninety percent of the time but that is mostly likely because Rudolf Berlin was a jerk. I mean, was that some kind of sick joke? Berlin coined the term 'dyslexia' in 1887 but it might as well have been Aglasd&$#@! Couldn’t he have just made it a word that we 'special' kids could actually read, pronounce or spell?" Stay tuned for more book excerpts and morsels of friendly-funny-insightful conversation with Molly. 

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