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Online Community for Parents of Struggling Readers

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By Jules Johnson One of the very first things I did when my son was diagnosed as dyslexic was to begin searching for "more." More answers. More help. More clarity. More support. Support. Facebook Groups- Learning Ally Parent Chat That's what I needed and craved most. I needed a connection with other parents who had walked in my shoes. I knew I could learn from them and absorb their knowledge. It's been two years since my son was first diagnosed, and I still crave that support. I still have questions, like "what is the difference in auditory processing disorder and dyslexia anyway?" That's where Learning Ally Parent Chat on Facebook comes into play. We began this conversational community in 2014, and it has since grown to nearly 2,750 people! We aren't only parents, but also grandparents, siblings, tutors and more. You can get solid advice from other parents, but also from Learning Ally's team of parent support specialists.  Join us to ask questions, get answers, gain knowledge and even to just (respectfully) vent from time to time. Some recent discussion topics have included:  - Dyslexia, is it a gift or a burden? - Help with Spelling Homework - Accommodations Guidance pic2 Need individualized help? We have you covered. Call 800.635.1403 or log onto your parent membership dashboard to schedule a 30 minute phone consultation. These services are provided by our generous donors. To donate today, please click here.

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