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Understanding Learning Styles and Learning Differences

Categories: Assistive Technology

According to the VARK system, developed by Fleming & Mills, there are four types of learning styles—visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing. The VARK model of learning styles suggests that there are four main types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Visual learners are the most common type of learner, making up 65% of the student population. Visual learners respond best to written information, notes, diagrams, and pictures. In an effort to educate the majority of the population our educational system has accommodated a more visual learning style providing students information via the printed word and diagrams.

Kinesthetic or tactile learners make up about 5% of the student population and these learners respond best to a hands-on approach. Learning through touch, movement, imitating and practice. You might see this type of learner trying to reenact what they’ve just learned, roleplay, or use manipulatives to help them accurately absorb the information.

Auditory learners make up approx. 30% of the student population. Learning through listening first is a major component of their learning style. These students prefer to listen to a lecture, use story-telling to get their point across, or students require print to be read aloud. A large portion of our population is just not receiving instruction or their school’s curriculum in the manner that works best for their learning style. Employing a multi-sensory instructional approach is best suited to support all learners. Learning Ally Audiobook Solution supports a more diverse student body.

Do you know your child’s preferred learning style? If your child struggles to read it could be because they are not visual learners and could thrive in school by introducing an auditory learning style. The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution app is specifically designed to support students who learn differently and is aligned to your child’s school curriculum.

As a Learning Ally member, your child and a family of up to four children, can gain unlimited access to 80,000 + human narrated audiobooks and textbooks. Watch your child transform into a more engaged and productive student using tools that best work with their individual learning style. Our app includes five features to support your child with reading and completing tasks on time.

In App features include:

  • Voice to-text - student sees highlighted words while our app reads the print aloud, allowing them the ability to recognize words in the future.
  • Annotation - highlight a section of a book on a specific page and save them to a note pad, allowing your child to compile and easily recall important dates, facts, and figures. This feature can help your child create study guides.
  • In App Dictionary - difficult words are now defined right in the app while your child is reading allowing for a more consistent and productive reading experience.
  • Sharing – share notes, vocabulary lists, and other annotated text with teachers, other students, and family members allowing your child to participate in collaborative projects.
  • Customizations and Preferences - maximizing your child's reading experience and allow them to customize their interface.

Learning Ally Audiobook Solution provides a multi-sensory learning experience in a mobile app allowing your child to read and learn anywhere. Students can use the app at home, in school, between extracurricular activities, during long drives and family outings – meeting your child’s learning needs so they can achieve in school and thrive in life. Using code HOME99 first-time members can enjoy 30% off the $135 annual membership fee and get your child to start reading today. With a library of over 80K audiobooks and textbooks your child can access the books they need for school and the books they want to read. Join now!

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