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"What Makes Me Different" - By Kate, a 3rd Grader with Dyslexia

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pic Kate, a Learning Ally member, recently sent us a copy of a paper she wrote for school. Kate’s 3rd grade teacher asked the kids to write a paragraph on what makes them different. We think her response is simply perfect! Read it below: **************     pic "Something that makes me different is that I'm dyslexic. Having dyslexia means that you have a little more trouble with reading and spelling. Having dyslexia does not mean a bad thing; it means that you are special and unique. It also means that I have to do is work harder at school, but I know that working hard now will help me later in life. Dyslexia makes me different."   ************** If you would like to help the 20% of students who struggle with reading due to a language based learning disability, like dyslexia, please consider giving your tax-deductible donation to Learning Ally, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit. Information about donating time or money can be found here.

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