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Dyslexic Students Can Succeed

If your child is struggling to read and learn, remember, you are not alone. Many children learn, engage, and process information differently. As the experts in reading accommodations with audiobooks for kids, we have a proven solution to help children with learning differences thrive in school, and in life.

Learning Ally Works

  • Human-read audiobooks for kids can help improve focus and vocabulary
  • Access textbooks and titles children want to read with an audiobook subscription
  • Read independently with the best audiobook app and improve comprehension skills

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Membership Benefits

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Extensive Audiobook Library

Learning Ally has all the children’s audiobooks that students want and need to read for school. Students can also access our textbooks, read by subject matter experts who bring a depth and perspective many students prefer.

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Reading Programs

Through our reading engagement activities, kids’ audiobook offerings and competitive scholarship programs, we motivate and interact with your child regularly to help them stay on track and pursue their dreams.

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Parent Resources

We provide you with downloadable content, on-demand webinars, access to an audiobook library and a parent-to-parent support group to help you navigate through the challenges of a learning difference.

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Our community is a safe space to ask questions, inquire about the newest dyslexia apps, share celebrations, get advice from professionals, and connect with parent members who are available to offer tips and words of encouragement.

How We Help

Grades 3-5

Elementary School

  • Build vocabulary, comprehension and background knowledge
  • Work independently to access content at students’ cognitive ability
  • Build confidence and keep up with peers

Grades 6-8

Middle School

  • Focus, visualize and absorb content instead of struggling to decode
  • Enhance engagement and allow students to work alongside peers
  • Build vocabulary, comprehension and critical-thinking skills

Grades 9-12

High School

  • Absorb high volume of grade-level content with speed
  • Better manage heavy workloads, including course content and homework
  • Focus on mastering information rather than the mechanics of reading


Dyslexic Students Succeed with Learning Ally 

What is it like to have dyslexia

Dr. Sally Shaywitz on dyslexia, assistive tech, and Learning Ally

Learning Ally Audiobooks in the Classroom: Helping Students Learn and Succeed

Is Learning Ally Right for Your Child?

The use of Learning Ally audiobooks are restricted to those who have a demonstrated learning disability, visual impairment, or physical disability that makes it difficult to read using traditional print. For legal reasons, we require documentation from a qualified professional for each member.

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