Determine which students are eligible, ensure your IT team and devices are ready and learn about educator roles and how to add teachers to Learning Ally's Educator Portal.


Set up students, find and add books and integrate instructional strategies using Learning Ally's Audiobook App. Access our lesson plans to walk students through getting started with Learning Ally as well as book analysis forms, graphic organizers and more.


Understand reading targets, set goals to engage readers and learn how to review student reading data reports in Learning Ally's Educator Portal.


Celebrate readers with our certificates, join our community, gather new ideas to support students who struggle to read due to reading deficits, tell other teachers and explore Learning Ally success stories.


Give students spring reading fever, plus a chance to win more prizes! Find proven strategies aligned to Learning Ally human-read audiobooks for March Book Madness, Picture Book Palooza, Poem in Your Pocket Day and more!

Understand the four roles in Learning Ally's Educator Portal and how each role can support a successful implementation in your school or district.

Choose from the brackets below or create your own bracket. Elementary School (1st - 2nd grade)     Elementary School (3rd - 5th grade)       Middle School High School    

IT Guides Ensure your IT team and devices are ready using the following guides System Requirements Learning Ally IT Guide

Learning Ally data allows us to understand the reading behaviors of students. Use the tables as you review your students’ frequency of reading. When students achieve these levels of reading at frequency over the course of a school year, they are more likely to increase academic achievement and improve ...

Some of the most successful Learning Ally programs have a principal that is well informed and supportive of providing accommodations to struggling readers. Follow these steps to bring your principal on board with the Learning Ally solution. Download Attached PDF.