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Set up students, find and add books and integrate instructional strategies using Learning Ally's Audiobook App. Access our lesson plans to walk students through getting started with Learning Ally as well as book analysis forms, graphic organizers and more.

Use this fillable pdf worksheet to help your student identify the main characters and main events in the book that they have chosen to read. This worksheet also prompts your student to select a favorite part of the story and whether or not they would recommend the book and ...

Check out eight strategies to help implement audiobooks in your classroom. Decide which ones will work best for you based on grade level and environment. Download attached document (PDF)

Need a quick and easy way to share students' Learning Ally credentials with them? Create a business card for each student! Edit the downloadable template in Word and print on Avery 5371 paper to create quick and easy handouts for each of your students.' Download the template.

After a student selects a book to read, use this KWL worksheet to help your students organize their thoughts about what they know about the subject they will be reading about, what they want to know, and what they learned after finishing the story or passage.

Generic ABC Brainstorming Task Cube Venn Diagram   Character Study   Character Comparisons Character Map Character Map #2 Character ... { margin-bottom:25px;} Click on the book cover to access the Book Analysis form

When students begin reading with audiobooks, they are often excited about new opportunities to read higher level books, their comprehension improves, and they are inspired to discuss what they are reading. Follow the steps below to start a Learning All book club with your students. Download this guide to ...