Why Volunteer With Learning Ally?

“Learning Ally has literally changed our daughter’s life.”
– Dorrie, parent of a Learning Ally member with dyslexia.

Learning Ally volunteers empower students.

“I want everyone to get the same benefits and rewards that I got from the written word.”
– John H., volunteer.

Learning Ally audiobooks help students unlock knowledge and build confidence.

“I have a skill and I should put it to use.”
– John Z., volunteer.

Learning Ally’s dedicated volunteers make a difference in the lives of students and in their own.

“Volunteering with Learning Ally gives me a purpose for being … it makes me a part of life.”
– Ellen A., volunteer.

Young woman recording an audiobook at Learning Ally

Quick facts:

  • 1 out of every 5 people in the U.S. has a learning disability
  • More than 5 million Americans have visual impairments
  • Every 26 seconds a child drops out of school in America

Who Learning Ally Volunteers Help

Learning Ally helps more than 300,000 students and adults for whom print is a barrier to success. Here are just a few stories from our volunteers who help students achieve success.

Student holding a book


Learning Ally audiobooks enable students with a certified print disability to find independence and self-confidence on top of the knowledge and understanding of course material.

Photo of a Learning Ally mom


When a child learns differently, his or her parents find themselves overwhelmed. Many parents have spent countless hours helping their child through homework and often times see no end in sight. Learning Ally provides a solution.

Photo of a Learning Ally mom

College Students & Adults

Learning Ally is a lifelong solution for those who learn differently. Neither a learning disability nor a visual impairment go away after graduation.

Photo of a teacher


We provide educators with an easy-to-use tool that speaks to the 1 in 5 children who have a learning disability. Learning Ally’s audiobooks help teachers implement audio learning for students who learn differently.