There are many areas where we could use your help.

In-Studio Opportunities

We have a number of volunteer opportunities that vary by studio location.
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Directors monitor volunteer readers for accuracy and ensure high-quality recordings. All volunteers are trained to direct.


Editors review the work of our readers and directors to ensure that our listeners receive high quality materials.


Readers must enjoy reading and feel comfortable reading aloud. All volunteers are trained before they can become a full-time reader.

Specialty Reading

Readers with a degree or professional experience are needed to read upper-level textbooks in subjects such as mathematics, science, medicine, law, etc.

Remote Opportunities

Not near one of our studio locations? We also have ways you can volunteer remotely.

Volunteer Text Editor (V-Text)

V-Text is an online tool that lets you volunteer anywhere you have internet access. Volunteers type descriptions into text so that when audiobooks are created, all illustrations, diagrams, figures, etc. are included in the recording.

More about V-Text

Many audiobooks are created with text-to-speech software that scans text from computer files and uses synthesized human voices to read the text aloud. However, illustrations and figures used throughout the books are not included. V-Text enables students to receive ALL book materials — not just text.