January 5, 2017

Learning Ally 30-Second PSA

Note to producers and program directors: this PSA is available in MP3 and WAV format.  Contact Doug Sprei at (609) 243-5865.



For a lot of kids at school, reading a printed textbook or novel is easy.

But for millions of students like me, reading is really hard, and we struggle to keep up with our friends in the classroom.

Why? Because we’re dyslexic — we’re really smart, but our brains just work differently when we try to read.

With your help, Learning Ally can change that.  It’s a national nonprofit that’s helped millions of kids like me succeed — and it even helps our parents and teachers too!

Want to give the gift of reading to kids who need it most?  Visit Learning Ally dot O-R-G slash Get Involved to donate or volunteer.

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– Doug Sprei

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