December 7, 2017

Learning Ally Link Named Top Resource for Students with Learning Disabilities by Teachers with Apps

Link App Voice-to-TextNovember 21, 2017 – Princeton, NJ – Learning Ally’s Link, an award-winning mobile app, was just named a Top 11 2017 Resource to support students with learning disabilities by Teachers with Apps.

Teachers with Apps is a premium product review resource helping
K-12 educators and parents discover exceptional education technology tools for the classroom and home that can be used in the digital space.

The Teachers with Apps community strives to understand child development and the significance of all factors that contribute to a happy and healthy child, including academic, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. Each product/app review goes through a rigorous evaluation by teachers, therapists, and educators with specific expertise. Products are also field tested with a cross-section of students and teachers.

For millions of U.S. struggling readers, reading print is difficult, if not impossible due to a learning disability, like dyslexia or a vision impairment. These students are often very bright with high intellect, but require reading accommodations to read grade level assignments, keep academic pace with peers and study in mainstream education.

The Learning Ally Link mobile app is uniquely developed for students to learn in a school environment. Students listen to text read aloud in a multisensory reading experience with proprietary VOICEtext ™ technology that synchronizes human narration with highlighted words. This experience enables students to master core content knowledge and become active learners. Students can effortlessly read a class assignment, use custom features, such as bookmarking and notetaking, cite evidence in a book report and communicate with their teachers through email.

Using Learning Ally teachers can easily integrate audiobooks into a whole class, small group or individualized learning environment. Students can listen to audiobooks with the Learning Ally Link mobile app, on PCs, Macs, Apple Mobile Devices, Android Devices, & Chromebooks.

Sarah Smirnoff, Director of Product Development for Learning Ally says, “We are thrilled that our mobile app was selected by the Teacher with Apps community as a highly-recommended ed-tech resource. This recognition reinforces our commitment to leave no learner behind in the education process, especially for a population of learners who will significantly benefit from a reading accommodation. Accessible books can change the trajectory for these students to become high achievers with a newfound belief in themselves and a vested interest in their academic pursuits.”

Today, more than 13,000 U.S. schools and districts work with Learning Ally to ensure that students with learning differences have equitable access to core content and reading materials in digital formats. More than 240,000 struggling readers use the reading solution to reach their true academic potential and to thrive socially and emotionally in their everyday lives.

The school solution includes:

  • Access to more than 80,000 human-read novels, literature and K-12 textbooks in accessible formats to support a large selection of reading materials that will integrate directly into a school’s curriculum.
  • A suite of powerful teacher resources and tools to easily find and assign reading to students and to monitor student progress.
  • National, reading games and programs throughout the year to incentivize students to read and to strengthen reading engagement and learning confidence.

To request a demo of Learning Ally call 800-221-1098 or visit

About Learning Ally

Learning Ally is a leading nonprofit ed-tech organization delivering a comprehensive learning solution for struggling readers in elementary, middle and high schools. Our proven solution includes an extensive library of human-read audiobooks that students want and need to read at home and at school, along with a suite of teacher-focused resources that ensure student success. This reading experience helps accelerate learning, enables a new level of access to knowledge and powerfully increases confidence and self-belief.

Today, Learning Ally partners with more than 13,000 U.S. schools, districts and leading state education systems across the country to empower over 240,000 students with improved comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and critical thinking skills.

For over 70 years, the organization has helped to transform the lives of struggling readers by bridging the gap between their reading capability and their academic potential to become confident, lifelong learners who thrive in school and beyond.

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– Jhara Navalo

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