January 27, 2017

Super Bowl Patriot Malcolm Mitchell Narrates His Book on Learning Ally

New England Patriot’s Wide Receiver Malcolm Mitchell is living the dream! He’s heading to the Super Bowl! If you think life always came easy to Malcolm, however, you’d be mistaken. He was once the little boy sitting in the back of class, head down, hoping the teacher wouldn’t called on him. He had a secret. Malcolm struggled to read.

Super Bowl Mitchell “I know how it feels to struggle with reading,” says Mitchell. “When I was a kid, it was all academic reading in school. Reading wasn’t fun.”

That struggle led Malcolm to write his own children’s book The Magician’s Hat. He also founded an organization, Read with Malcolm, to encourage kids to pick up books.

This past summer, Mitchell stopped by our Learning Ally Athens, Georgia studio to record his book in his own voice! So now, every student who downloads the Magician’s Hat from Learning Ally will hear a Super Bowl player speaking directly to them – a player who struggled with reading himself.

“For me, to be able to record an audiobook that will hopefully encourage kids to read is something I will forever cherish,” says Mitchell. 

Learning Ally is a national non-profit that strives to help students with learning disabilities as well as their parents and teachers. One of our services includes a library of over 80,000 human narrated audiobooks.

Watch Mitchell’s Facebook Live session from his visit to the studio below, then download his book from LearningAlly.org. Also watch him live in the Super Bowl on February 5th! 


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– Jules Johnson

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